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GMI’s Church Hall in Malahar, West Bengal



The Grace Ministries of India began its missionary work  in Dinashpur South District of West Bengal precisely two years ago. As of now, splendid work is being carried out by GMI at Malahar village where no Christian believer had been found. As a result of the strenuous work rendered by the GMI, 15 families have accepted Jesus Christ as their saviour and Lord. Twenty-three of them took water baptism. Here in Malahar, Bro. Nikil Thappo has been chosen to do the missionary work. As a missionary, his sincere work in this area is very note-worthy and he does so with utmost dedication. In short, all activities of Dinashpur South District initiated by GMI are progressing fruitfully.

Bro. Nikil Thappo is understood to have sold his own property of 3 acres of land with which he bought some farm land in this area. From this, he greatefully gave GMI 10 cents of land for putting up a church hall nine months ago. In the month of November, the construction of the hall began under the supervision of the Regional Coordinator Bro. G. Albert. The work was completed in January and on 2nd February the hall was dedicated to the Glory of God by Bro.D.J. Ajithkumar, President of GMI. During the inauguration of the Church hall Bro. G. Albert,        Bro. Nikil Thappo and many others were present. Bro. Nikil Thappo gave his testimony on that occasion. It must be appreciated that the construction of this Church hall was made possible only with the unflinching and sacrificial support of those who love GMI and its work. At this juncture, it is highly pertinent to make mention of Brother Samuel, a native of Thozhukkal, Trivandrum District, whose timely support helped GMI construct this church hall.