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DR.D.J.Ajithkumar's meetings in the months of Nov. & Dec.

 Discourses by DR.D.J.Ajithkumar  


  Date; 2013 Nov. 10 -12

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 Date; 2013 Nov. 15 -17

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Date: 2013 Nov.22-24


Date: 2013 Nov.30- Dec.2


Date: 2013 Dec. 9-11


Date: 2013 Dec. 16-18


Date: 2013 Dec. 20-22

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Date: Dec. 27-29





GMI’s Church Hall in Malahar, West Bengal



The Grace Ministries of India began its missionary work  in Dinashpur South District of West Bengal precisely two years ago. As of now, splendid work is being carried out by GMI at Malahar village where no Christian believer had been found. As a result of the strenuous work rendered by the GMI, 15 families have accepted Jesus Christ as their saviour and Lord. Twenty-three of them took water baptism. Here in Malahar, Bro. Nikil Thappo has been chosen to do the missionary work. As a missionary, his sincere work in this area is very note-worthy and he does so with utmost dedication. In short, all activities of Dinashpur South District initiated by GMI are progressing fruitfully.

Bro. Nikil Thappo is understood to have sold his own property of 3 acres of land with which he bought some farm land in this area. From this, he greatefully gave GMI 10 cents of land for putting up a church hall nine months ago. In the month of November, the construction of the hall began under the supervision of the Regional Coordinator Bro. G. Albert. The work was completed in January and on 2nd February the hall was dedicated to the Glory of God by Bro.D.J. Ajithkumar, President of GMI. During the inauguration of the Church hall Bro. G. Albert,        Bro. Nikil Thappo and many others were present. Bro. Nikil Thappo gave his testimony on that occasion. It must be appreciated that the construction of this Church hall was made possible only with the unflinching and sacrificial support of those who love GMI and its work. At this juncture, it is highly pertinent to make mention of Brother Samuel, a native of Thozhukkal, Trivandrum District, whose timely support helped GMI construct this church hall.




Immanuel-God is with us


The Christmas programmes conducted in commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ.


GMI has conducted various programmes commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ came into this world born as a child to save mankind. This is such a historical phenomenan which proclaims the Good News. In view of this GMI has conducted various programmes in its mission fields. As usual, Christmas Fest was held in Kirubai Ashram at Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu. This programme was organised by Pr. Moses Anpuraj from December 21st to 23rd. The theme was ‘God is with us’. Bro. Bright Daniel led the function who delivered the message. The convention meetings and Sunday Services were also held where Acharya Rev. Ghanadas gave leadership. Christmas celebra-tion was also held at Kristukripa Ashram at Kattakada and in the mission fields of states and Nepal. GMI utilises the available media resources to proclaim the gospel to the unreached. This is an occasion where such celebrations have also been used as a means to spread the gospel. Let us pray that those who come to know of the Good News through these programmes, and then the Lord Jesus Christ may be born in their hearts and minds so that they may not perish but to gain eternal life.


   Christmas celebration at Warangel, Andrapradesh


Bro. G. Albert and family in the Christmas Function at Farakka, West Bengal

The Christmas function held at Kristukripa Ashram

Inaguration of Shanti Ashram


Nagpur: GMI spread its operations of evangelization in the central part of India in Nagpur which was inaugurated at ‘Shanti Ashram’ as part of the ministry in India. It was our fervent prayers and long desire to have such an initiative become a reality. The dedication ceremony was performed by Rt. Rev. Paul B. Dupare, Bishop of the church of North India, Diocese of Nagpur. Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad, General Secretary of the National Church Council of India dedicated the Ashram to the glory of God and delivered the message on the occasion.

Former Bishop of Phulbani  Diocese Rt.Rev. B.N.Nayak, General Secretary of the Maharashtra Village Ministry, Rev.Dr. Kulothungan, Leads Outreach Director Rev.Sudnyan Bensod, Rev. Oliver Alfred the Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Indore, Rev. Shalmon the Minister of the Church of God in Bhilai and Rev. Samit Misra the Pastor of  Presbyterian Free Church, Seoni offered felicitations on this occasion. Shri. Samson Manwatkar the popular Christian Sat-sangh and Bhajan Singer of Maharashtra presented renditions of indigenous Christian numbers. The Head of the Dehegaon Village, Grama Panchayat President and Police Patel gave participation in this meeting. Dr. D.J. Ajithkumar delivered the welcome address to the distinguished guests. The GMI representation from Kerala numbering 32 graced the occasion. By His grace this proved to be a fulfillment of the history of GMI operations. 

This property was purchased in the year 1998 which is located 18 kilometers away from Nagpur railway station. The extent of 3 acres and 20 cents situated in the side of the Katol Highway. The name of village is Dehegaon. There was no marked development in this area when the property was acquired. Today one can see the Gurunanak Engineering College situated right in front of the Shanti Ashram, St. Joseph Multi Specialty Hospital, Nagpur Institute of Technology and so on found place in this area.

In the year 2002 the foundation stone was laid by Rev. Dr. Iype Joseph  the then General Secretary of N.C.C.I. However the proposed building activities could not be materialised due to the paucity of funds. In the year 2011 by the grace of God and faith in Him the work started progressing in the right direction on a war footing basis. As the Bible says in Eph. 3:20 God who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us has enabled us to have completed the work.

The building houses a large dormitory for the staff of MTM, the free tailoring school for the village women, free Tuition entre for the village children, a small office, vehicle shed and storing materials of MTM, a Church Hall, common kitchen with dinning hall, residences for missionaries. We can forsee a bright and prosperous ministry oriented front in this sphere. We do have provision for the children of missionaries who are engaged in the ministry in interior villages to have hostel facilities. In the year 2013 we have a proposal for short term Bible courses to help new believers joined the fold as a result of missionary efforts.

We had Medical Camps organised in continuation with the inauguration of the Ashram under the leadership of GMI General Secretary Dr. E. Stephen and Dr. D. Selvadas. So many village people participated in the Medical Camp and got benefited. The entourage from Kerala had opportunity to visit Chappara Mission field in Madhya Pradesh. The Medical camp conducted at Khandariya village in Madhyapradesh was a blessing to many. In the year 2013 God willing there will be another Ashram coming on the way in Chappara, Madhya Pradesh. According to the local custom, the ground breaking ceremony for the next Ashram was also organised on October 28th 2012. Many have prayed and offered for the ministry in Nagpur. It was indeed an encouragement on the ministry fronts by their muncifent support whereby God would honour them immensely. 

“Living water in Indian cup” is the approach upon which the Ashram ministry is founded. According to the vision of Apostle Paul who, reiterates to the Jews he became as a Jew; that I might win Jews;... not being without law toward Christ, not I might win those who are without law; To the weak I became as weak; I have become all things to all men that I might by all means save some. Ministries of this kind need wholehearted support by encouragement and willingness towards nurturing the efforts put forth in order that such a resurgence can blossom in India.

G.M.I’s aspiration is that Ashrams of this nature should flourish in all states. GMI also wishes that such Mission Centre in Thegulagudam in Warangel district of Andhra Pradesh needs to be established. Christian Ashrams begun in the year 1912 but gradually deteriorated in their functioning. The reasons for their decay are many. This leads to the establishment of Christian Ashrams initiated by GMI. The Kristukripa Ashram, Kattakada in Trivandrum district founded in the year 1993 was a beginning of the neo christian Ashram movement in India.



In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit: Bishop Paul B. Dupare opens the Shanti Ashram with Bishop   B.N. Nayak, Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad, Rev. Dr. Kulothungan and Dr. D.J. Ajithkumar in the auspicious presence of many other church and social leaders from different parts of India.



Rt. Rev. Paul B. Dupare , Rt. Rev. B.N. Nayak , Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad 



 Rev. Dr. Kulothungan , Rev. Sudnyan Bensod , Mr. Samson Manwatker and Team



12.12.12 Became a Significant Day in the History of GMI


12.12.12, a significant day in the millennium, witnessed varieties of programs in relation with different activities of GMI in Shanti Ashram, Nagpur. Executive Board Members of GMI, Mission co-ordinators, Staff members and God’s Servants in different organizations were present in this programme. Three day Gospel Meetings had also been arranged on December 11, 12 & 13 under the banner of Kristu Jayanti Shanti Satsangh.    Dr. D.J. Ajithkumar delivered the discourses on Paramatma (God), Moksha (Salvation), Yoga (Communion) and Shanti (Peace) in these meetings. Rev. Vinod Biswas, a well-known Satsangh Singer in North India rendered devotionals of North Indian numbers in the Satsangh meetings. Many people attended these meetings.

It was a thanksgiving day for GMI when it celebrated on Wednesday 12.12.12 by thanking God the Almighty for all His blessings bestowed upon the ministry for the past several years. Rev. Vinod Biswas was also honoured as he has completed his 25 years of singing and preaching ministry - Silver Jubilee year. On that day, 22 new missionaries were dedicated and prayed for and were sent to do ministry in Uttarpradesh, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Andra Pradesh and West Bengal. On the 13th Thursday, 9 people took water baptism. Baptism Service was conducted under the leadership of Rev. M. Stanley Jose. The plan for the working of Mobile Tent Ministry of the year 2013 was announced. Christmas celebration of the year 2012 was also conducted. On the 3rd day, after Kristu Jayanthi Satsangh the programme came to a close.


 Felicitation given by Rev. Sabu M. Thampy, Principal, G.F.A, Nagpur Minor Seminary


Bishop Fedrick Raiborde, Director, Karishma Church  Addressing the gathering 


Rev. M.V. Varghese, IET, Nagpur addressing the meeting.


Rev. Francis Messi, Director, Faith Ministry was honoured 


Dedicating New Missionaries


Dedication of new missionaries by Rev. Stanly Jose


Rev. Rameshpaul, GMI Co-ordinator, Andrapradesh speaks on the occasion



Andhra Pradesh

Masani Devender and his wife Meena, Voni Nagaraj were appointed in Warangal, Andrapradesh. At Jallanavar- pali Mission station Rapaka Paul and wife Mary were appointed.


Bro. Chander Singh Dakka, wife Kisini in Karmadakoli; in Kammayi Ram Kishor wife Dayogi Bhai; in Ahimari Raj Kumar Gabali and wife Leelabhai, in Kamila Rajkumar Sahu and wife Leela Bhai were dedicated.


In Sikhadarpoor Ashok Kumar John and wife Indhu John; in Bittuva Gowri Sankar Yadav and wife Sonia Devi; in Modi Nagar Pappinder Singh and his wife Mayadevi; in Thiraithar Ram Nivas John and his wife Meera John; in Nagpur Vinod Kumar John and his wife Monikka; Palpoori Ravi Kumar Paswani; in Shiptoor Radhai Shyam Paul and his wife Kussum made entry into the mission field.

West Bengal

West Bengal in Malahar Nikhil Thappa and his wife Rebica; in Kophibari Tea Estate Bhaktha Bahadoor Kathi and his wife Sonikathi; in Bhadoori Thapas Sarkar were inducted as missionaries.


In Delhi Mohan Gardan Sonu Kumar Nigam and wife Thuthi; in Namgli Dairy Thimothy Hariyom and his wife Ismoona were placed as missionaries.


In Odisha at Raindapali, Bibishan Nag; in Pandarani Sis. Binodini Nanda were dedicated and they will be sent as missionaries as they complete their special trainings.

Let us pray for those missionaries so that they work for the extension of His kingdom.