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Partnership Request

* Enroll as a Partner for building God’s Kingdom

* Come and Join us

* Sow the Seed

* Receive Showers of Blessings

* Fulfill God’s Purpose


Welcome to Partners’ Family of GMI

We welcome you as one of our precious partners to GMI Family. We need many persons like you to fulfill the great work of God before our Lord’s coming! As you know GMI is a missionary and social endevour working to fulfill the greatest commandment and the great commission of our Lord. ‘A fully reached nation with an indigenous church in every village’ is the vision of GMI. If you have a burden to reach the perishing souls, we invite you gladly to join and work with us to attain this vision. Come let us jointly build His Kingdom and fulfill His purpose.


You can be a partner of GMI in the following fields.

* You can form a prayercell in your place and pray for GMI

* You can support GMI financially

* You can go as a Missionary

* You can work voluntarily with the promotional team

* You can sponsor a Missionary or a Missionary couple

* You can visit the mission fields of GMI and encourage our missionaries

* You can work with the Mobile Tent Ministry as and when you are interested


Objectives of Partner Family

i. To know the present updated activities of GMI in detail

ii. To support in prayer and finance the work of GMI.

iii. To visit the mission fields, office, Ashrams or Campaigns whenever the needs arise

iv. To sponsor the work of GMI.


What to do?

The persons who are in the following area can be a partner of GMI.

* Those who support the work of GMI whole heartedly.

* Those who can donate a minimum amount of IRs. 300/- ($ 10) monthly

* Those who can donate a minimum amount of IRs. 3000/- ($ 100) yearly

* Life time partner is the one who can donate IRs. 100,000/-($2500)


What will GMI do?

1. Partnership card will be issued with you photo

2. Partner can visit our fields, spend time with our missionaries after intimating to the office. GMI will help the partner in making the programme in the field.

3. Magazines and GMI journals will be sent to the partner freely.

4. Monthly reports of GMI will be sent to the partners.

5. Special prayers are offered everyday for partners and their family members in the Ashram by the prayer team( Hannah Prayer Team)



Partnership Request Form

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