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Establishing Christian Ashrams is another important work of GMI. ‘Giving living water in Indian cup’ is the approach of Ashram ministry of GMI. The first such Ashram named ‘Kristukripa Ashram’ was established at Kattakada in the year 1993. Kattakada is a small town situated 20 km from Trivandrum city ( State-Kerala, South India). Now, Kristukripa Ashram has become a centre of comfort and blessing for thousands of people. There are several spiritual and social services held here. The Second Saturday meeting is an important gathering held at the Kristukripa Ashram. Thousands of people irrespective of their caste, creed and religion gather together to hear the
Word of God in this meeting.


This programme is an indigenous style of worship. The participants huddle together on the floor and sing bhajans and songs in Indian heritage to glorify the name of the Lord. The Acharya (Teacher/Speaker) also sits on the floor and teaches the Word of God in the local language and style.

SMRITY - School of Major Religions and Indian Christian Theology

The SMRITY, a one - year course, in particular, is a school for sympathetic study of principal religions of India conducted in Ashram. This school is open to all believers in Christ, the Lord and Saviour, regardless of any denomination. Preference is given to Pastors and Seminary Graduates, men and women. The curriculum includes a short course of studiesin elementary Sanskrit. The SMRITY will help not only for giving insight into the major religions but also equipping the candidates to present the gospel in indigenous, indianized and contextual way. Now Acharya Daya Prakash is the chief instructor of the SMRITY.

Hannah Prayer

Everyday a team of prayer partners takes part in intercessional prayer in Ashram. They pray for the daily prayer requests that are received in the office. They pray with great burden, mean while, systematically by keeping prayer files for all the GMI Missionaries and different activities of GMI. They are also for different missionary organizations, revival of the churches, salvation of the perishing souls and peace of the nation.

Counselling & Prayer

A regular programme for Conselling and Prayer is also conducted at Kristukripa Ashram. This programme enables many families to reunify their broken relationship. Those who are addicted to drugs, alcohol and other social evils are also getting delivered through this ministry.

Lydia Tailoring School

This is a one year tailoring training was started out of a deep concern for the plight of the unemployed girls and poverty-stricken housewives. This course was intended entirely for the economically weaker sections of the society as it was made free from payment. After the training, proper follow-up is being carried out for their self support and empowerment.

Gratia Computer Training Centre

This is a free computer training programme started for the empowerment of economically backward girls and house wives. Arrangements are done for their proper placement for the candidates those who successfully complete their training.

Gurukulam Vidya Peetam

Free tuition centers have been opened for the less privileged and downtrodden sections of children in villages. The main objective of this project is to give improved access to qualitative education for the slow and sluggish children. Most of the youths in the rural areas, without getting proper encouragement and guidance in respect of their studies, often cut short their learning in the middle of the high school education. Some of these drop-outs usually take to drinking alcohol, smoking, using drugs and becoming depressed in their life. In order to curb these social evils, we attach much importance to give them personal care and guidance in their studies even in the grass-root level. Gurukulam Vidya Peetam is a full-fledged tuition centre functioning with a requisite number of staff (about 12) for about 100 students from primary to secondary levels. The children attend in two sessions– mornings and evenings. Apart from giving free education, uniforms, books, stationery items are also provided free.

Manna Food

Midday meals are provided for the inpatients of the government hospital, Kattakada from the Ashram. Similarly there is a free supply of food grains for those who live in below poverty line. More than one hundred poverty-stricken families in and around the Ashram get this benefit every month

Elim Medical Aid

In order to deliver preventive, curative and rehabilitative care for the rural population, frequent free medical camps are arranged in and around the Ashram area.

Ecumenical Fellowship

Under the Kristukripa Ashram, Ecumenical Fellowship and Inter-church Dialogues are conducted at regular intervals. All major church leaders participate in this function. This ecumenical fellowship is a step towards bringing unity among church leaders.

Rehoboth Drinking Water

It is a rainwater harvesting programme. To overcome the scarcity of drinking water especially during summer, this programme has been installed at Kristukripa Ashram. Here, rainwater is collected in huge water tanks, filtered scientifically and stored in overhead tanks. The people from the neighbourhood areas are also benefited by this programme.

Inter-faith Dialogue

Inter-faith Dialogue is arranged in regular intervals in Ashram. Leaders from various religions participate in this programme. It gives a cordial relationship with all the religions and the leaders.