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Happy Family Mission ( Hafam )


Happy Family Mission is a noble scheme implemented with the vision of adoption of a suffering family by a happy family and making it a happy one. In other words, it is a scheme of helping the starving families by providing them with necessary food materials at their houses every month. In this programme, adequate amount of grocery items will be provided to those families who cannot eke out their living for some genuine reasons; that is to say, the bread – winner of the family is either dead or becomes invalid. The supporting families would see that the food materials should reach the beneficiaries regularly and systematically. Apart from providing foodstuff, items like clothes, medicines, small items of furniture, materials for the children’s education and so on would also be supplied by those who are willing to do so. A monitoring committee will function under the co-ordinator for the smooth and efficient functioning of the Hafam.

The beneficiaries of the mission can contact the members of the committee as well as the co-ordinator whenever necessary. The GMI is taking appropriate steps to gradually extend this mission throughout India. This scheme has already become operational in eight states, where the GMIis functioning. The vision of the GMI is to implement this programme before 2020 in all the states in India through Churches, Missionary Organizations and other secular agencies and N.G.Os irrespective of caste, creed or religion.