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Happy Family Mission is a noble scheme implemented with the vision of adoption of a suffering family by a happy family and making it a happy one. In other words, it is a scheme of helping the starving families by providing them with necessary food materials at their houses every month. In this programme, adequate amount of grocery items will be provided to those families who cannot eke out their living for some genuine reasons; that is to say, the bread – winner of the family is either dead or becomes invalid. 


DFF is a get-together of believers in their houses with the main objective of ‘caring and sharing’. The like-minded believers come together once a week. They sing, pray, share, eat and enjoy the concept of fellowship with families in the presence of the Lord. DFF helps its members to grow more in spiritual and social bond.


GMI publishes Malayalam monthly magazine, “Yesu Jeevikunnu” and quarterly English magazine, ‘Grace for Grace’. Several other books are also published for the spiritual upliftment. Audio / VideoCDs are also produced. These music and message CDs bring a great relief to broken hearted and depressed ones. The GMI office receives a lot of letters from all over the world, requesting prayers and counsel every day. All these requests are submitted at the throne of Grace in the regular intercessory prayers. The GMI also takes care of answering every single letter.  


The Theological Institute for Mission and Evangelism Studies ( TIMES) is a multi denominational graduate institution in extension functioning under the Grace Ministries of India. (GMI). The TIMES is founded to give Systematic Theological Training in the area of Mission and Evangelism to prepare and send forth well trained and committed missionaries with excellent theological understanding for evangelistic ministry purely in the perspective of Mission and Evangelism. The courses are offered both in English and regional languages.


This is a means of mass evangelism for the cities and semi-cities where a gospel meeting has not yet been conducted. In these campaigns, the urban elite, the affluent and even the labour class gather in large numbers. The gospel is preached effectively in their own context. Prayers are also offered for the different needs of the people. God proves His Word by Miracles and Supernatural Healings. The time for testimonies is also given after the prayer. These campaigns are arranged in association with the local church leaders. Every year, more than ten such campaigns are arranged in different cities of the nation.


Establishing Christian Ashrams is another important work of GMI. ‘Giving living water in Indian cup’ is the approach of Ashram ministry of GMI. The first such Ashram named ‘Kristukripa Ashram’ was established at Kattakada in the year 1993. Kattakada is a small town situated 20 km from Trivandrum city ( State-Kerala, South India). Now, Kristukripa Ashram has become a centre of comfort and blessing for thousands of people. There are several spiritual and social services held here. The Second Saturday meeting is an important gathering held at the Kristukripa Ashram. 


Mobile Tent Ministry was launched in 1995 by the GMI. This is an innovative concept in evangelism, aimed at reaching our great nation, both rural and urban, with the message of the saving Grace of our Lord. GMI is currently equipped with two MTM units, one TATA and one Ashok Leyland trucks. These vehicles are used to carry materials like tents, platforms, PA systems, film projectors, video projectors, power generating systems, music systems, lights equipments, other accessories and tools. When fully erected, each tent can hold more than 2000 people. 


Resident Missionary Work is the focal activity of GMI to accomplish its vision, “A fully reached nation with an indigenous church in every village.” It is a church - planting programme in the unreached villages. Primarily, the location is identified where the Gospel has not been preached or reached effectively. Then, a missionary couple or a couple of missionaries are commissioned and posted in that location. They get acquainted with the local people and preach the Good News to them.