Our Promises

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Our Promises


Isaiah.44: 1-28


1. Is.44: 1, 2, 8 – Fear Not, You are my witness, my chosen one; I made you


 (God is reminding you again that you are his chosen one so don’t be afraid)


2. Is.44: 3a – I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry


(God will send his blessing on the needed areas of your life)


3. Is.44: 3b-5 – I will pour my spirit upon your descendent and my blessing

 on your offspring. They shall spring up like a green tamarisk, like willows

 by flowing streams. This one will say “ I am the Lord’s” another will be

 called by the name of Jacob yet another will write on the hand” the Lord’s”

 and adopt the name of Israel.


(All your possessions will be blessed and known in God’s name)



4. Is.44: 9-11 – All the power of evil against you shall be put to shame and

they shall be terrified.


 5. Is.44: 21- You will not be forgotten by me.



6. Is.44: 26 – The prophecies will be fulfilled, the ruins will be rebuilt

 and raised.


 7. Is.44: 28 – The gentiles will be used by me for you and they shall carry

 out my purpose.


 (God will use some people for you and they will fulfill God’s purpose  regarding your life. They will be anointed by God for you.)