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When Bro.D.J.Ajith Kumar was fifteen, he accepted Jesus as his personal Saviour. Even from his childhood he had the only desire, that is, to serve the Lord. In his own words: “I do not know how it was illuminated in my mind, but from my childhood, I had only one desire; that is, “To Serve the Lord”. The salvation experience came to him by divine profound encounter about eternal life, hell, heaven and the urgency of evangelism through visions and dreams. After his experience of salvation, he started conducting Bible classes for the peer group and group meetings among his friends’ circle in his village. When he was eighteen, he was anointed by the Holy Spirit, and after that he started a fellowship in his house with the help of his parents. Since it was God’s plan, that fellowship started growing. A time came when the believers could not be accommodated; it compelled him to construct a temporary shed to conduct the service. His father supported him to construct that prayer shed. That was the beginning of an independent ministry. Gradually many youngsters joined him to work for the Lord. So GMI has its roots in the missionary endeavors of a small band of sincere and trusting teenagers since 1983 led by Bro. D.J. Ajith Kumar. They preached and ministered to street corner groups, village crowds and arranged gatherings. 


"They went out and preached every where; the Lord worked with them and confirmed the Word by accompanying miracles and wonders".God's empowering presence was with those simple youths making their efforts fruitful which later grew into Grace Ministries, a registered Charitable Trust in 1990. But as the vision and ministries enlarged, the trust became a registered charitable society by name Grace Ministries of India in 1995.